From the July 1962 magazine.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Through practicing the Steps we learn that our ego-image is not fixed or static

I WILL never forget a pigeon named Karl. A buddy of mine, Mac, and I had received a call through a physician friend of AA. We were put on the trail of this character who, we were told, wanted to sign himself into a big state hospital which had an alcoholic rehabilitation program. We found the man all right, at the home of his ex-wife. He was well dressed and well spoken. And, unknown to us, he was on the outside of a fifth of vodka. He told us he had had one or two. We mentally allowed him six or eight. But not a whole fifth. On our way to the hospital (some eighty miles from where we picked him up) he began to shake and begged us to pull up at an oasis so he could have a double shot. I whispered to Mac, "If we get him in a saloon we may never get him out. Let's pick up a pint and let him nibble until we get him out there."

Mac got the pint. Our pigeon got the cap off the pint and up-ended the bottle. When he took it down it was about a quarter reduced. When we got to the hospital we had an inert mass of beef. The pint was empty. Karl passed out so cold we could not wake him! The hospital wouldn't accept him unless he signed himself in. Mac said, "Let's leave this body at the nearest hotel and reclaim it tomorrow morning."

-- L. C.


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