From the August 1963 magazine.

AA Attitudes

A fearless and searching look at "the best AAs I know

BACK at the start of the Great Depression I got mad. And I stayed mad, for nearly twenty years. I had wanted to study for the ministry, but when the Depression hit our family it really hit. We lost our savings, all our insurance, everything. I had to quit college and start looking for work. I stopped believing in God in any form and it was inevitable that I joined up with young people of similar opinions.

The result was a section of the country's youth which all liked to picket. It really didn't matter much who was picketing whom or on what grounds--we pitched in anyhow, frantic to do something to better conditions. Booze took over my life pretty thoroughly at about this time and I battled it out, trying all the bartender cures of "sticking to beer," "spacing the drinks" and so on. When I was finally completely licked I gave in and asked God for help and got it--a distinct nudge to look up AA.

-- W. L. G.

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