From the October 1963 magazine.

Who Killed the Old Lady?

Was it that fly (the first swallow), or the horse she used for a chaser?

LIKE the old woman in the ballad, "She swallowed a fly and never knew why; She swallowed a spider to catch the fly;" (a bird to catch the spider; a cat to catch the bird; a dog to catch the cat and so on). She finally wound up swallowing a horse. "She's dead, of course. But she never knew why she swallowed the fly." I've often wondered if she was an alcoholic.

I never knew, either, why I swallowed the first drink when I knew what was going to happen if I did. That first drink was the detonator cap that set off the dynamite. I just sat there on my pad and tossed off a shot of alcoholic fuel and blasted off right on schedule and, as usual, misfired.

-- M. U.

Boulder, Colorado

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