From the June 1964 magazine.

Do You Drift Around Or Take a Stand?

An argument for having a home group

WHAT are the advantages of a home-group affiliation for me? Through constant and faithful attendance at our home group, we get to know each other "like a book." It's inevitable in the ebb and flow of our emotional life that we'll have periods of stinking thinking. If we are getting to our home group every week, some of our fellow members will have the perception and the courage to jack us up. "What's the matter tonight, buddy, you don't seem quite yourself" can be the tip off for us to take an inventory, count our blessings, and tack off on a better angle.

Of course, we have to choose to take this inquiry in good part. If we're determined to wallow around in whatever is bugging us we'll take umbrage, pick up our dolls (and resentments) and pursue the course to destruction. I know personally I can nip destructive moods if I recognize them early enough, but given a head of steam they get beyond my control. If I'm never anything but a visitor in all groups I cannot hope to have this fine tocsin sounded for me. A subtle regression is often noticeable to others who know us intimately before it is to ourselves.

-- Ada L. W.

Rochester, New York

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