From the October 1964 magazine.

The Big Depression

Another AA recommended a special kind of help to this member: it worked

IN 1960 when I hit bottom, surrendered, and came to the fellowship of AA, they surrounded me, closed ranks and I was locked into a beautiful world, such as I'd known only as a child, where everything was as it had been then, when I had been close to God, not as I understood Him, but as I knew Him.

I was told to work the program to the best of my ability, one day at a time. Take the Steps one at a time, as much in order as possible, as that is the way in which they were written. If I had any questions, sooner or later, if I kept coming back, they would be answered. For two years I was in the 'honeymoon' period. Things did fall into place, and even if they all didn't, the lows were offset by the highs.

-- D. W.

Van Nuys, California

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