From the November 1964 magazine.

You, Too, Can Come Back

A drunk at 12, jailed at 16, I thought I was hopeless

I READ the Grapevine pretty nearly every month, but don't see many stories like mine. I thought that if I wrote mine down, it might help somebody else whose experiences are along the same line. If not, well, it will help me!

At the end of my drinking I figured I was at the Point of No Return. I looked back over a whole life of drinking and trouble. I was raised in an alcoholic home, and was given drinks as a kid. I just kept on drinking. I was an unhappy child; it seems to me now that my parents could not express their love for me. They took me with them everywhere they went, but they let it be known that the reason was that I was a devil and could not be left with the other children. At school I was also a devil. By the time I was twelve no school would have me. By then I was drinking right along with the best of the boozers.

-- D. M.

Timmins, Ontario

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