From the February 1965 magazine.

Un Trago?" (A Drink") "!No, Soy Miembro De AA!" ("No I'm in AA!")

THERE are now two new Distribution Centers in Latin America for Spanish-language AA literature. One is in Medellin, Colombia, and the other is in San Salvador, El Salvador. I am a New Yorker and an AA member who recently had the marvelous chance to visit with AAs in both of these countries and talk to them about their plans for literature distribution throughout Central and South America and about other aspects of the really remarkable recent growth of AA in these areas.

The new Literature Distribution Centers are the first step toward General Service Offices and full self-governing AA organizations in Central and South America. If enthusiasm and rapid increase of membership are indicators--and they are--it will not be long before GSO, El Salvador, or GSO, Colombia, comes into being.

-- A. B.

Stamford, Connecticut

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