From the April 1965 magazine.

AA Begins at Home

In April eighty-seven General Service Delegates representing AA's thousands of groups in the United States and Canada gather in New York for the annual General Service Conference. This is the fifteenth such Conference and the tenth since the occasion at St. Louis in 1955 when Bill turned over to the Conference responsibility for AA's present conduct and future growth. The author of this article, not a delegate, was asked by the Grapevine to give an impression of last year's Conference sessions for our readers.

AS the date for the 1965 GSO Conference approaches, I am filled with memories of a day spent as an observer at last year's conference. I was not directly involved in the business of the day, and so could sit quietly, listen and soak up like a contented sponge a variety of scattered but precious impressions. Most important perhaps was the realization that one can be 'at home' in AA anywhere in the world and yet AA, like charity, begins at home.

-- M. C.

Pleasantville, New York

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