From the June 1965 magazine.

Thank God for Despair

...the un-ease that makes us want to do a better job of living

IT is amazing and a little depressing to see so many of our members drive themselves like madmen for perfect peace of mind and absolute serenity. Bags under their eyes, frowns on their foreheads --driving, driving. They act as though absolute peace of mind were the answer to life. Where do they get such a ridiculous idea? The Big Book doesn't mention it. Neither does the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions." I can't find it in our other literature either.

I haven't the slightest idea what the words 'peace of mind' mean! I haven't the remotest concept of serenity. Contentment is simply another word to me most of the time. Now and again, after a particularly rough emotional interval (and I have them constantly) I repeat the Serenity Prayer or say Easy Does It or First Things First, or any one of our Slogans, and peace and serenity and contentment come over me. I feel glorious and wonderful and calm and loving and giving. I even wonder what I was so upset about. I think that I have at last found the answer to life, and vow to hang onto my ecstasy for the rest of my life. And I mean it!

-- Dr. Earle M.

San Francisco, California

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