From the June 1965 magazine.

Hide the Bottle

The name of the game is

IT all began with an innocent little prune-juice bottle --my research, that is --research on hidden bottles. A woman member told me how she hid her 'emergency' ration from her nonalcoholic husband. He hated prune juice. So logically she kept it in plain sight in the refrigerator --in a prune-juice bottle. This was on my very first day in AA. I began to sense that there was, perhaps, going to be some fun about it all. (I still believe it's important to my sobriety to pray each day and to laugh at least once every day.)

I realized, as time went by in AA, and I heard more and more hidden-bottle stories, that I'll never hear the last or the best. Some, of course, are not very original and some are almost unbelievable but you know they are true.

-- M. U.

Brighton, Colorado

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