From the September 1966 magazine.

More Life All the Time

She capered from Texas to Landsberg am Lech, but the best place of all is Miami--sober

WHEN I was drinking, I said I would keep it up until I was too broke to buy more. I did. When I quit I was broke. It took a lot of hard work and a devil-may-care suicidal attitude but I made it.

I could never claim to be a quiet, lady-like boudoir drinker. When I tried that, I woke with the fireman shaking me and the room full of smoke. Though I never really started any trouble intentionally, it found me. I attracted it and cops like a magnet does filings. Every time I got drunk, I either fell down or was knocked down and always got a black eye. When I drove my car, I was arrested. When I hired a stranger in a bar to drive it, he was arrested and me with him! I didn't know he was the town drunk. In Hialeah, Florida, I took a taxi to keep from driving, and the taxi driver was arrested for drunken driving and me along with him--though I had never seen the man before and I was not drunk. I had merely tried to doctor a hangover with a couple of drinks. My car was parked outside my apartment.

-- M. T.

Miami, Florida

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