From the September 1967 magazine.

A Cold Winter's Ninth Step

Here's an infallible recipe for bringing warmth back into one's life

A COLD wind mixed with heavy rain slammed against my house as I nervously approached the telephone to make a call, too long delayed after two and one-half years of sobriety. I had dreaded this call, fought it, denied it, avoided it for those thirty months, but at long last the firm hand of a Power greater than myself was leading me to make a difficult amend.

The man whom I was about to call was a former client and friend, whose trust I had betrayed by withholding and misusing funds which had come into my hands on a collection basis, and which should have been forwarded to him. This had all occurred, of course, in the "wine and roses" era of my life, but it had occurred--this was the inescapable fact.

-- J. E. H.

Kirkland, Washington

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