From the April 1968 magazine.

Where the Splendor Is

It's no easy thing to know ourselves and to know others, but the effort to know is the highroad to love

"LOVE is a many-splendored thing," the song tells us. So is a human being.

In this Fellowship it is our very serious business to know people and know them well. Some day you may get your comeuppance in relation to someone whom you thought you knew quite well. The other day, a friend was talking to me about a third man in the Fellowship. He described a great many things which astounded me. I had known this person for many years, and I had some pretty definite impressions about him which would have made it possible to describe him quite accurately. That is what I thought. But here my friend was busy, with great sincerity and obvious knowledge, describing a complete stranger to me.

-- H. L.


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