From the August 1968 magazine.

Are We Grooming a Show-off Elite at AA Conventions?

The emergence of prominent, special, red-hot speakers is, according to this member, a contradiction of our Twelfth Tradition

I LOVE AA conventions and conferences and attend every one that I can afford. But something about them bothers me, and I would like to share this apprehension with you.

There is a great deal of promotion involved in setting up and operating conventions, and naturally those who do the work want them to be a success. They have every right to feel this way. However, the methods used in promotion concern me. The chief technique is to use as drawing cards the speakers who have been invited. If you question this approach, which gives the speakers' names and reputations--and all too often their professions--the usual answer will be that it is necessary to have "big name" speakers in order to draw a crowd. Should a program based on personal anonymity have "big name" anything? It's preposterous!

-- Anonymous

Charlotte, North Carolina

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