From the February 1969 magazine.

The Pit of Depression

It's a trap that may endanger anyone. Here's how two members fought their way back

MY FIRST year within the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous closed on a high note. I had been spared the necessity of taking that deadly first drink. Personal meaning had become associated with the phrase "God as we understood Him," and His power was beginning to express itself in my life. I had been reunited with my most recent family, and relations with another discarded along the way were greatly improved. A new career in business, based on honesty with my new employers, had been opened to me. Heading the list of other benefits derived from my newfound way of life was a great improvement in personal health.

Year number two began in a flurry of activity directed toward serving others. Twelfth Step work was augmented by "trusted servant" duties within my AA group. Time past seemed to have been relegated to a position of minimal importance; the present was an ever-unfolding joy; and what future might be granted me was eagerly awaited.

-- D. A. B.

Fort Worth, Texas

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