From the September 1969 magazine.

Put Some Laughter in Your Sobriety

We're well on the road to recovery when we learn to laugh at ourselves

IF THIS Fellowship has done one thing that has helped me more than anything else, it was to restore my sense of humor. The gift has saved my life over and over again. I need not say it has kept me sober. I have to stay sober to live.

Reminders of the importance of one's own sense of humor are fairly constant. Just the other day, I was trying to comfort and cheer up an old sobersides who was in a whale of a depression. He was convinced that his problems were back-breaking, that nobody else had ever managed sobriety while carrying a load such as his. The old sense-of-humor tactic worked with him, and we parted laughing at ourselves.

-- L. H.

Cleveland, Ohio

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