From the November 1969 magazine.

Your Misery Back on the Empty Bottle

It took a number of "refunds" from AA before he came to believe that he was an alcoholic

MY REASON for writing this is a fervent hope that someone may read these words and avoid the results of allowing self-will to run riot as mine did. There are many sayings in AA. One is "If you haven't done it yet, keep on drinking. Chances are good that you will." Another: "Give us a thirty-day try. If AA is not for you, we will gladly refund your misery."

I am a shining--or should I say tarnished and bent?--example of the "refund." A prison term of ten years and separation from home and loved ones make up a great deal of misery handed back to me.

-- R. L. Y.

Steilacoom, Washington

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