From the January 1972 magazine.

New Directions from the World Directory

This traveling salesman was hopelessly lost until AA put him back on the right road

IF YOU TRAVEL, using an AA World Directory is like unwrapping a lot of surprise packages--you never know what to expect next. Whatever it is, it will usually throw a new light on your personal AA program,

I'm one of those guys that beat it up and down the road each week to make a living, I've been sober for a year now, quite an accomplishment for someone who never used to pass up a bar. During that year, I've put a lot more miles on my carcass, simply because AA has shown me that I don't have to make so many stops along the way to my destination. At least, now I do make that destination, and I'm in reasonably good shape when I get there.

-- D. W.

Des Moines, Iowa

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