From the April 1972 magazine.

1984 Is Here at Last!

And it turns out to be much more pleasant than George Orwell predicted

So THIS was 1984! July 1, 1984, to be exact. I leaped out of bed, did about thirty push-ups, and headed for the postoffice (after, of course, donning my clothes). I remember thinking, 'way back in 1972, "Why, 1984 is only twelve years away!" (I have always been good at higher mathematics.)

For one thing, this was my twenty-first AA birthday. I could honestly say that AA had "come of age" for me--twenty-one wonderful and productive years. Now, If ever, would be the time to take another inventory and make with the gratitude to the God of my understanding and to those wonderful people, some long gone, who had shown me the way.

-- Anonymous

Tolovana Park, Oregon

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