From the March 1973 magazine.

Coincidence Or Small Miracle?

On the program for just one shaky month, this member had to leave the security of his home group. What happened then gives one cause to wonder. . .

A CHAIN of drugstores, complete with cozy little restaurants, covers the state of Florida. They are well known to residents and the perennial tourists who need a cup of coffee or a fresh roll of film. And both tourists and locals flock there to buy hamburger platters, loud sport shirts, and fishing tackle. These stores also, I suppose, sell some drugs. But their ads don't claim that they deal in miracles. . . .

In December 1967, I climaxed a long and hectic drinking career by hitting, among other things, my bottom. God knows I had tried to stop drinking, tried sincerely with pledges, solemn promises, and consultations with the clergy. But nothing had ever worked.

-- N. B. P.

Avon, Ohio

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