From the May 1973 magazine.


With so much going on, who has time to take that first drink?

IN JANUARY 1967, I was "promoted" from skinny, old, beer-drinking, drunken sailor to slender, young, coffee-drinking, alcoholic sailor. Now, six years later, I am just beginning to evaluate the responsibility inherent in my "promotion." Activity is my primary means of discharging that responsibility. The joy and personal growth I receive in AA activity make it so rewarding, I can hardly get enough of it.

I enjoy activity of all kinds in our Fellowship. Primarily, the activity of my home group (I have several, as I am in an often-transferred occupation) is the starting point in my discharge of responsibility. At meetings, I always find coffee to make, doughnuts to get, and newcomers to welcome. This is most satisfying, as it tends to repay those people who help me the most. And my home group often allows me to participate in intergroup affairs. There, I can see how the individual groups in an area can work together, so that our declaration of responsibility at the 1965 AA International Convention may be even more meaningful. And I can listen in as the central office actually extends the hand of AA's experience, strength, and hope to the alcoholic who wishes to end his suffering.

-- Ross W.

San Francisco, California

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