From the July 1973 magazine.

You Can Come to Believe

Some practical how-to-do-it suggestions that can lead to spiritual growth

THROUGH TRIAL and error, over many frustrating years, I have worked out some positive ideas on ways to help a person who has trouble with Steps Two, Three, and Eleven.

When I first came to AA, I was like many others who have had a normal upbringing with a moderate amount of churchgoing and Sunday school. However, 1 did not have a solid enough foundation to combat the antireligious ideas advanced by several well-read and intelligent instructors and students at college. As a result, 1 found myself without any kind of faith. I accepted this frame of mind on what I believed were sound intellectual grounds, but I was not happy about it. I used to envy those people ("clods," I said then) who could blindly accept the teachings of organized religion.

-- J. B.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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