From the July 1973 magazine.

. . .In Mysterious Ways

What power opened the way for this prisoner who needed so desperately to make amends?

IN JUNE of 1969, I was sentenced to life imprisonment for second-degree murder. I had killed a man in a blackout. I shared this experience in the February 1971 Grapevine, in an article entitled "Peace of Mind in Prison."

After a year, while using the AA program to the best of my ability, I tried to work Step Nine by writing a letter to the widow of the man I was accused of killing. But the institution would not allow the letter out. I talked this over with a man whom I greatly respect, an alcoholic priest who has been sober for many 24-hours longer than I have. He said that maybe it wasn't the proper time just yet, and advised me to refer back to Step Three. I did. For another two years, the thought would cross my mind every now and then, and I would mull it over and fantasize about the way I would do this when the time came. Then I would dismiss it from my mind, for the time being.

-- R. L. H.

South Walpole, Massachusetts

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