From the March 1975 magazine.

Activity Addicts

If we can keep ourselves busy enough we won't have time to face ourselves

I CAN BE on the move in AA with a steady round of meetings, committees, conferences, banquets, board meetings--and be going absolutely nowhere in the program. This kind of activity can never be the effective lever for change that is provided by the action of continuing work with the Twelve Steps. Hypnotically attractive, the activity can easily become an end in itself and lead me along a path of perpetual motion that disguises my lack of action. . .and growth.

How do I know? I've spent a lot of time on that path as a tireless, selfless servant, creating a discreet tumult to make sure that everyone recognizes my contribution to our Fellowship. One of the particularly beguiling aspects of hyperactivity in AA is that it makes us highly visible. Continuing work with each of the Steps will make me only saner, happier, and more useful. It won't necessarily make people notice me.

-- Paul M.

Riverside, Illinois

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