From the June 1975 magazine.

It Could Drive Me Back to Drink

A big desk and government funds were the wrong goals for this alcoholic

WHILE GROWING along AA lines, I got involved in a halfway house. This "two-hatter" situation happened to a group of us here about six years ago. I wound up as a member of the board of directors of the house. We all became interested in money. I definitely was, and I had visions of myself working at a big desk. We were shooting for government funds.

Well, the board dwindled until I was the only member, plus two officers. They were holding meetings solely for my sake, because I was all there was left of the board. So I resigned. I told the two officers, good AA friends of mine, that what we were doing was not helping me at all. In fact, it could drive me back to drink if I remained with it. They understood, and the board was dissolved.

-- Mo B.

Merritt Island, Florida

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