From the October 1975 magazine.

Two Addictions

We can get hooked on things other than alcohol and drugs

THREE YEARS before I found my way to AA, I stopped drinking through fear and willpower, because I had run into a whole peck of troubles brought on by daily drinking and fully familiar to any alcoholic. In spite of urging from the police department, I did not go to AA then. So, inevitably, I began to drink again. For quite a while, I carefully avoided the daily drinking. Nearly every drink I did take led to a binge, a blackout, and a day of desperate sickness, but all these were blocked out of my memory immediately afterward. Over the next two and a half years, I struggled for control.

At the same time, I was suffering from an increasing problem with compulsive eating, which led finally through the doors of Overeaters Anonymous. Its program has twelve steps of recovery, based upon AA's, but starting with "I admitted I was powerless over food. . ."

-- B. B.

Lebanon, New Hampshire

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