From the May 1978 magazine.

Your Spiritual Dime

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EARLY IN my AA career, sober about seven months, I found myself on a long, lonely road. I had been accustomed to traveling it regularly for many years, and naturally, I had a favorite drinking spot on this road, I was very tired and discouraged; things were not going well at all. This friendly tavern, where I used to stop for a shot and a beer in previous days, had a large revolving sign out front, which was visible about a mile away. I felt an immediate, strong attraction, and alcoholic thinking set in. I recalled the cool, inviting interior of the tavern and the soft lights and the genial people who would be there. My throat contracted and started to ache. My tongue swelled up. My mouth felt as if I had swallowed cotton. My thoughts went completely out of control.

Now here comes the good news. I was ready to slip. My efforts had failed. But glory be to God--He was on the job. Just as I started to turn in to this tavern, I closed my eyes and in desperation murmured, "God help me." Next thing I knew, I was half a mile past that tavern, and I had not taken that drink. The relief was enormous and instantaneous.

-- V. A.

Orlando, Florida

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