From the March 1979 magazine.

Keeping It Simple

She has learned to live her way into good thinking by

BEFORE I came to AA, I centered my life around intellectual accomplishments and analytic thinking. You name it--I analyzed it! My favorite topics included: (1) me, myself, and I: (2) me and my relationships with other people; and (3) me vs. society and its injustices. You can see the common theme: me. I spent my days in morbid self-preoccupation, until the negative thinking and self-centered fear became so unbearable that I drank myself into alcoholic oblivion.

When I came to AA, my brain was so soggy that I welcomed the invitation to "bring the body--the mind will follow" with a sigh of relief. For once, I was permitted, even encouraged, to leave my intellectual faculties at the door. I was so physically, mentally, and spiritually sick that I gladly complied.

-- C. R.

Greenbelt, Maryland

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