From the January 1980 magazine.

A Chance to See Things With Sober Eyes

His Higher Power enabled him to see reality for the first time

I HAVE BEEN sober for two years now. It is an experience that continues to grow in meaning and importance as I gain both time and insight. I was not what one would call a heavy drinker, so it was difficult for me to see myself as an alcoholic. It was even more difficult for me to see myself as an alcoholic person twenty-four hours a day, whether I was actively drinking or not. I could see that I was messy when I was drinking, but the rest of my life seemed okay. I had to learn that my drinking carried over into all areas of my life, and I had to see how the AA program could help me to do something constructive in all areas, aside from putting the cork in the bottle. The best way to explain is to simply tell what happened.

About three months after I was out of treatment, I received a telephone call asking me to go to Washington, D.C., for a few weeks, to do some lobbying. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I saw the hand of the Higher Power in the timing and the event. The idea blew me up to giant size for a while, and I had a struggle with my inflated ego.

-- H. D.

Hovland, Minnesota

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