From the January 1980 magazine.

Getting Into Action

This AA found the joys of helping others

THE NIGHT before I made my first AA meeting, I made a promise to God as I understood Him. I had hit bottom (although I didn't know those words yet), and I knew that I was powerless over alcohol--that my life was unmanageable. For the first time in my life, I prayed and really felt that I meant what I said. I told God that if He would somehow get that monkey, alcohol, off my back, from that day on I would do my best to repay Him.

I made that decision because I finally understood what a doctor had told me almost three years earlier. I had almost died from cirrhosis. Just before I left the hospital, the doctor told me that I was an alcoholic, that so long as I didn't drink alcohol, I could live a "normal" life, but for me alcohol was a poison, just as deadly as arsenic, and if I drank it, I would surely die. It could be fast or slow, but it was a certainty that it would kill me.

-- R. G.

Fort Knox, Kentucky

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