From the August 1980 magazine.

A Chance to Learn

The stronger her faith became, the more secure she felt

FOR ME, two of the most dangerous words in my vocabulary are "I deserve." In the first three years of my sobriety, my world seemed to be on a disaster course, and all I could do was watch it fall apart. My husband fought my insistence that I attend meetings. He told me I could be anything I wanted to be, but not an alcoholic, because I was too good to be with of people. This attitude continued, and after nine months, I to a decision to go to any length to what I had found in the program. So I filed for divorce.

He reacted by asking the court for custody of four children. The court an investigator to my fitness as a mother. The divorce turned out to be lengthy messy. When it was finally settled, I had the children and a run-down motel.

-- L. G.

Ogallala, Nebr.

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