From the February 1981 magazine.

100 Percent Alcoholic

I HAD WHAT I hope was my last drink of alcohol on March 25, 1974. The next day, my wife informed me that she had made two appointments for me, one with the National Council on Alcoholism and one with her lawyer. (That was a good confrontation, which she had learned in Al-Anon.) Somehow, I knew she meant it. I agreed at once to go to the council, in order to con her out of seeing the lawyer.

For the first time in forty years of drinking, I heard a recovering alcoholic tell his story, and I identified with him. He gave me the "twenty questions" test. I answered yes to all but two questions, and they first became maybe and then yes, so I knew I was 100 percent alcoholic.

-- E. S.

Merrick, New York

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