From the December 1981 magazine.

Young People in Action

A "special" group drew them into the mainstream of AA

I'M PLEASED to report that my home group died this year! Four years ago in my town, young alcoholics and those who also had drug problems found that they were not entirely welcome at some of the local AA meetings. Several times a week, one of us would be confronted by such statements as "What are you doing here? You're too young to be an alcoholic," or "Don't talk about dual addiction here--this is AA!"

Confused and uncertain, barely hanging on to sobriety of one week to two years in length, we somehow found one another and formed a young people's group. The age range of early members was nineteen to thirty-nine, but the age limit was blithely set at exactly one year older than the oldest person present at any given meeting!

-- Anonymous

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