From the January 1982 magazine.

Our Spiritual Gift

A reminder that alcoholism is a threefold disease

ALONG WITH the joy of participating in the God-given program of AA, there is often, for me, a deep sense of sadness. This sadness is attributable to my observation that many members struggle and have great difficulty in finding the spiritual part of the program. I think it is a fair statement that those who do experience a spiritual awakening attain a type of sobriety guaranteed by the program. Additionally, it also appears quite clear that the deeper the spiritual experience, the greater the strength of a person's sobriety.

Conversely, what also becomes clear, after many twenty-four hours in AA, is that those who slip or are dangerously close to doing so invariably appear to have forgotten that our disease is threefold; consciously or subconsciously, they have avoided or ignored the spiritual part of our illness.

-- Anonymous

Suffern, New York

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