From the May 1983 magazine.

. . . Thank You for Your Lives

IT HAPPENED that two very active members of our group retired from the Army within a short time of each other, and returned to their home states. One of those men is the closest friend, without exception, that I have ever had. Yet I felt absolutely no sadness, loneliness, or loss at his departure. To me, he has not left the group; he has only physically gone to another place for a while. I know that, God willing, we will meet again, as we already have on one occasion since he left. He is still only a phone call away. The letters that we exchange are like written AA meetings. He didn't run away from this place or from life. He very willingly and happily went to his new home in his old state.

Once again, I realized that gratitude is our saving virtue in many things, and that selfishness and lack of gratitude are among the chief causes of many of our thinking problems. I couldn't help but remember something that I had heard when my father died: "Funerals are for the living, not for the dead."

-- R. G.

Fort Knox, Kentucky

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