From the May 1983 magazine.

A Sense of Oneness

EACH TIME I attend one of my regular meetings (open discussion), I look at who's there, grab some tea, help place ashtrays. A resentment against so-and-so may flicker through my mind; an urge to praise, complain at, unload on, or brag to so-and-so may click in my head; I may notice who's thinner, who's heavier, who's happy, who's sad, who's mad.

Too soon (if I'm happy gabbing) or at last (if I have no one to talk to), the meeting comes to order. I listen to "How It Works," the Steps, and the Traditions, and favorite words and phrases in them anchor my thoughts. One of us brings up a topic that is found to be troubling or delighting today. If a newcomer is present, we discuss the First Step and the Third Tradition.

-- K. F.

Parry Sound, Ontario

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