From the August 1984 magazine.

White-knuckle Sobriety

I HIT BOTTOM in February 1970, when I was about to lose my house in a sheriff's sale. Three times, as a result of being late, I had been in the superintendent's office of the school where I work. The last time was a rather unpleasant experience. I was told I was going to be fired. My wife and my children were thoroughly fed up with my behavior--the broken promises, the stumbling and falling around in my house, the utter shame and humiliation they were suffering because of my irrational and insane behavior.

I stopped drinking March 1, 1970, and went to my first AA meeting. I was euphoric! I had finally licked a habit that had plagued me off and on for twenty-two years. The last five (from age thirty-three to thirty-eight) were the worst. Now, with the help of my sponsor, I started putting my life in order--paying bills, making amends, and going to meetings regularly and faithfully. I felt great. I had no mental, physical, or spiritual problems. It was the closest I ever came to complete serenity.

-- Anonymous


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