From the July 1985 magazine.

We Don't Have to Settle It!

EARLY IN MY AA life, my first group held a business meeting. I'd been told that if you could stay sober through an AA business meeting, you could stay sober anywhere. So I was looking forward eagerly to the expected hot discussion on whether or not to change the Saturday meeting to another night. The "pros" for this action were the married people who felt they should be spending Saturday night with their families; the "cons" were the not-so-happily married people who were glad for an excuse to get out of the house on Saturday, and the single people (like me) who had joined the group in the first place because it was the only group in the area with a Saturday night meeting.

I had thought the whole thing over, felt that I had arrived at the "right" conclusion, with impeccable logic, which I planned to present to the meeting so that we could settle this matter, which had been under discussion for a couple of years now. I opened my comments with, "I think we should settle this matter once and for all." The chairman then treated all of us to a ten-minute lecture, explaining that nothing is ever settled once and for all. Things are simply worked out the best way for today.

-- B. L.

Brooklyn, New York

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