From the January 1986 magazine.

Which End of the Telescope?

We look at ourselves in different ways

THERE CAME A POINT in my sobriety when I was forced through external circumstances to take a good look at myself, my sobriety, and AA's role in my life. I had to determine what alcoholism, the Twelve Steps, and the Fellowship meant to me. What I discovered probably did as much for me as the Steps, but in a different light. For me it has been another new beginning on a higher spiritual plane.

While drinking, and indeed before, I shut myself off from the rest of the world. I was an isolationist who through the teenage years allowed himself but one friend at any given point in time. I did not date or join into any of my high school activities. I had constructed my own little world within my room.

-- D. W.

Vallejo, California

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