From the February 1987 magazine.

. . .Wherever Possible

I have been working on the Ninth M, Step of AA off and on during the four and a half years I have been a member of this Fellowship. At first it was impossible for me to make amends to certain people. Some amends were easy to make, others were much harder.

During the first year of my sobriety I made an all-out effort to make amends to someone I had injured in an automobile accident three years before joining AA. I had been driving down the wrong side of the road in an alcoholic blackout when I ran into another car head on. A woman who was a passenger in the other car flew through the windshield and landed in the street. The windshield cut her from the middle of her forehead up to her scalp. She needed eighty stitches to sew up the cut and she was off work for about a week. Her boyfriend who was driving the car cracked three ribs on the steering wheel. Her nine-year-old daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, injured her knee. Both cars were totaled and I had a broken nose, a fractured face, and a big cut running from my lip up into my nose. I had no insurance, either medical insurance or car insurance. After a plastic surgeon put my face back together I was left with a slight scar, which is almost completely covered by my moustache. The lady I hit, however, was left with a bigger, more obvious scar going in a circular shape from the middle of her forehead to the top of her head. Fortunately she was able to grow bangs which completely covered the scar.

-- R. S.

Tempe, Arizona

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