From the March 1987 magazine.

Rule 62

Part II--on the meaning and implications of our Third Legacy

Then there are all the reasons for not doing service work. "It's all politics." "I'm too new." "I don't understand how service works." "I've done my stint." "I'm too busy." I've said some of the same things. But too often I'm just complacent. I hang out at the meetings and forget that one word in our First Tradition--personal.

I've heard many say service work is all politics. Well, I think they're partly right. We do have our bleeding deacons, and yes, we do get into heated arguments once in a while. But we also have our "true leader," as described on page 66 of The AA Service Manual. The misconception is that the "politics" of service work are sinister or malevolent. But that's not what I've seen. Love and tolerance always seem to win out, even over our monstrous egos.

-- R. G.

Longview, Washington

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