From the December 1987 magazine.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I would like to address the subject of a particular kind of special interest group in Alcoholics Anonymous. Over a year ago in our city, a nonsmoking group was started. I have not made this my home group, but I have wanted to do so several times. The main drawbacks preventing my changing groups are the nonsmoking group's distance from my home and the loyalty that has been established at my present home group. However, I make meetings at the nonsmoking group as frequently as I can and find my attendance there to be a real "breath of fresh air."

I managed to quit smoking before I came into AA, and the smoke at my first meeting in 1978 was used as an excuse for over a year and a half to stay away from AA. However, by 1980, the pain drinking was causing me so far outweighed the discomfort of a smoky room that I gladly came back to AA and counted this situation a small price to pay for my life.

-- J. B.

Lewisville, Texas

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