From the February 1989 magazine.

Wherever We Happen to Meet

I have eleven years in the program so when my seventeen-year-old daughter was released from treatment for alcoholism it was left up to me to get her to local meetings. The first night was not my regular meeting night so we had to look over the local schedule.

We found a meeting that I thought was in a decent section of the city. Off we went to my daughter's first AA meeting. As we approached the address of the meeting, I said to myself, Mistake! This is a bad section of the city. We parked the car and fear overwhelmed me as I realized we could get mugged as we walked down the dark street toward the church. I wished my pretty daughter didn't stand out so much with her blonde hair against the darkness of the night. Fear grabbed me again as we realized that the address was a boarded-up row house next to the church. What kind of meeting was this, I wondered? How could I have been so stupid to not check out the meeting place with another member who knows the city.

-- Charity Q.

Oley, Pennsylvania

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