From the June 1989 magazine.

Your Way and My Way--One and the Same

As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Since I still lack maturity, I am not easily satisfied with my own self or with the persons, things, places, and events that are important to me--including my home group. I have just returned from a three weeks' vacation in the United States, at a place I had already visited four years ago. With me, in my luggage, I have taken more than a new reserve of sun and energy back home--a renewed love for the deep, true AA way of life. But first, I had to overcome a certain amount of dissatisfaction about a lot of things.

On my first trip, I had a little less than two years of sobriety, but felt quite proud about that. Among other things, my "experience" in AA had made me a real expert at judging other members and groups. And that vacation was just the occasion for me to make some serious comparisons between the French groups of my home town and the English groups of the country where AA was born some fifty-four years ago.

-- R. P.

Quebec City, Quebec

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