From the December 1989 magazine.

A 'Healthy' Alcoholic

I cut down the two marijuana plants growing in tofu buckets outside the back door, stuffed the thick resinous leaves and woody stems in a grocery bag, and shoved it into the burning woodstove. "I'm done with that forever," I said aloud, though I was alone as usual. I raised my beer bottle in a hearty "good bye, good riddance."

The alcohol would have to go some day too, I understood. But there was no point depriving myself of every comfort of life just to insure good health in later years. Good health was a genuine concern of mine. I had been eating a macrobiotic diet for several years and practicing yoga on and off determined to find the secret of remaining young as long as possible. As my drinking and doping increased, so would my fanaticism for the tenets of macrobiotics and yoga. As long as I could see myself staying close to the dietary and physical guidelines of these two practices, I could remain blind to my escalating consumption of beer and bourbon.

-- Anonymous

Wells, Maine

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