From the June 1990 magazine.

In That Long Ago Time

Every year since I have been sober I have wanted to journey to Akron for Founder's Day. There has always been a reason that I couldn't be in attendance: job, family commitments, money, and so forth. This year a series of coincidences (I believe there are no coincidences, just God's plans) came about for me. It says in the Big Book, "beyond my wildest dreams," so here was another one of the promises coming to be.

Joan from Cleveland and Sean from Akron moved to Florida last year and joined our group. They were planning on being in Akron for Founder's Day on June 19. They talked about it for months in advance, then Sean asked me to go with him. I said, "I really can't afford to go." Later that evening, Sean called me and told me he could make arrangements for me to stay with a lady in the Fellowship. Then Joan and Sean started in on me. You have to come, they said. We all know what nags alcoholics can be. My husband, who is thirty years sober, had been to Akron many times in his sobriety. He told me, "Why not go with Sean and I'll buy you the ticket for our wedding anniversary present." Thus began my journey to our Fellowship's birthplace.

-- Ellie B.

Miami, Florida

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