From the December 1990 magazine.

A Deadly Disguise

the holiday cookies looked so innocent

I've been a secretary with the same company for almost a year, which is an amazing feat for me. As a drunk, I was only able to keep jobs for two or three weeks at a time. I consider myself fortunate to still have this one, since I've been sober only about 100 days.

With this job came my first attempts to socialize without alcohol. Being painfully shy, I departed from most office gatherings within ten minutes. I'm not sure what I was more afraid of: "accidentally" having a beer with my co-workers or keeping a conversation going. Christmas season brought party after party, complete with plenty of bottled holiday cheer. I skipped most of the get-togethers, but I didn't want to be excluded completely. I made my appearance, ducked away from the booze, and swelled with pride as I scurried out the door.

-- Kristen M.

Swissvale, Pennsylvania

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