From the December 1990 magazine.

Recovery--Italian Style

While AA celebrated its fifty-fifth anniversary in the United States, Italian AA commemorated its sixteenth. In fact, Italian AA first made an appearance in 1970 in what was then called the Overseas Directory when a man named Riccardo tried to open an AA group in Milan. But in the 1971 issue, Riccardo's name had disappeared.

In 1972, two alcoholics came to learn of the existence of an English-speaking group founded right after the war in Rome by a group of American servicemen. These two joined the group and managed to quit drinking for a matter of months. In May of that year Carlo C. joined the group and two years later, in 1974, took the initiative of starting an Italian AA group. But it was not until some months later that more alcoholics joined the group, stopped drinking, and attended meetings regularly. Weekly meetings continued for many months at No. 58 via Napoli in Rome with just these few members. Meanwhile, almost at the same time that the tiny Rome group was getting on its feet, a group in Florence started.

-- Roberto C.

Rome, Italy

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