From the December 1991 magazine.

A Dubious Luxury

"AS we saw it, our anger was always justified" is a phrase from the "Twelve and Twelve" I can't identify with. This is because I was often afraid of my anger and would not even let myself feel it. I denied my anger and yours. Angry people made me nervous or afraid. This fear of anger prompted me to avoid conflict. . .something else that Step Ten approves of ("Nothing pays off like restraint of tongue and pen"). As one who avoided anger as a matter of emotional convenience, it was comforting to know I was doing the right thing.

Of course, I'm kidding about that. But the issue of anger is complex for me. Anger often is nonproductive. Sometimes I can't think when I'm angry. I say and do things I don't mean and later regret. Anger is sometimes just not good for me. Sometimes.

-- Jim N.

West Springfield, Massachusetts

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