From the August 1992 magazine.

The Perfect Slip

The day of my home group's celebration of my second AA birthday, I saved a place at the table for my sponsor, but he arrived a little late and took the last seat in the back of the room. As I started to share, I suddenly realized whom that empty chair beside me was for, and here's the story I told.

Just before reaching six months of sobriety in AA, I was having a very difficult time with a compulsion to drink. I was not sharing this with anyone and had not yet found a solution to this God problem (my prayers started with: "God, if you exist and give a damn. . ."). I decided to take a few days off to fish, an activity that usually took my mind off booze. I happened to mention to a friend that I was hungry for catfish but hadn't found a good place for them in our area. He mentioned a lake near The Dalles, and I headed up there the next day. Having failed to ask for specific directions, I could not find the lake and so took my float-tube out into the Columbia and tried for bass.

-- Max W.

Beaverton, Oregon

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